How to increase your followers on Instagram

With Instagram's new features and rules, promoting profiles has become more difficult. As a result of such changes, coverage has decreased, and followers are not engaging with content. Almost every blogger has lost some audience because of these changes. It is now impossible to return to previous stats.

Unlike 2014-2015 when you could easily get 1000-2000 likes from subscribers under your posts, now most bloggers will get a maximum of 200 likes. Therefore, it is time to think of new ways to expand the coverage, and roll out new cards. Content of the feed

You must match this type of content to increase the number of subscribers. After all, every like affects the reach statistics.

According to the feeds of some bloggers, there are more likes on good, high-quality photos than on home selfies. First and foremost, you shouldn't post:

Every user should have their own style of photo design to stand out.

Spoofing is not allowed

If you have a large number of bots or subscribers who don't view your page, you need to do some cleanup. Such followers won't bring you anything useful.

It works this way: If subscribers from Moscow (or other cities) do not interact with the content, then other people from that city will not be interested in this page

A page needs to be cleaned from bots, people who came from mass-following, untargeted audiences every six months. You do not lose anything from this account, but rather free it of unnecessary "cargo". You can do it manually if you do not have many subscribers, or you can use a service.

Using Hashtags

It used to be very effective for boosting the reach of a page in 2015. Now their value is a bit overstated. It's safe to say hashtags are of no use and generally do not work to attract subscribers. You should, however, carefully study your own page because some hashtags might provide useful information for users. Additionally, it is not wise to use the same hashtag in every publication. You should also check hashtags. Many hashtags on Instagram have become "trash" or have just been blocked. You should choose a category with at least 100,000 posts.

One minute after a post is published, you must gather the most likes than other posts with the same hashtag to get to the top.

In order to raise your coverage, you can agree with your friends (if there are many of them) on a mutual placement of likes.

Instagram used to have "happy hours" when you could post something and you would get a lot of likes, people would subscribe to you, and people would interact with your posts. However, there is no such time at the moment. Each person must choose his or her own time by trial and error.

Each target audience enters social networks differently, and there is a "good time" for each profile. For this method to work, you need to:

Instagram teamwork

Major bloggers often work together to promote their posts and raise their reach. Their primary objective is to like each other's posts. There is an unproven opinion that a like from a blogger with more than 5,000 subscribers has a much better impact on the profile than a like from a user with 500 subscribers. Such teams allow bloggers to share information, learn about new techniques, and test new techniques. Join Telegram chats to find such a team.


There is a requirement for each blogger account to post at least 10 stories a day. Readers aren't always interested in the posts, they are more interested in the real life of a person. You can boost your reach with activity in Stories quite well. In Instagram, there are many tools to use: asking questions, conducting tests, answering questionnaires, and so on. Drawings, contests, quizzes are great ways to get people involved. Subscribers are always up for "playing", relaxing and winning prizes.

Communicating with subscribers

It's important to imagine that subscribers are friends who are currently there and you need to have a dialogue with them. In each post, you can place a question that people should answer in the comments. You can also call them to action. For example, some bloggers explicitly ask their subscribers to leave a like or write a comment under the post.

With all the updates of Instagram, we all have to put up with and adjust to this social network. If before, any Instagram user could see every post, now it is only a pipe dream.