Most popular editing apps for Instagram!

Currently, we are unable to imagine an Instagram account that does not have processed photos. Previously, we had to contact specialists or learn how to process photos independently. Fortunately, now there are apps and services that can help you process photos. Good and affordable apps are hard to find. This article discusses some of the most popular services you can use to make your Instagram feed more appealing.

1. Airbrush

You can download Airbrush for any smartphone operating system. You can use it for free, but with limited capabilities. A paid version is also available.

Features of this program:

2. Nichi

What can you do in the app:

3. Pixaloop

You can download the app on both IOS and Android. There are purchases in the program only for some functions, but in general, the app works for free.

The program features:

4. Facetune

You can download the app to any smartphone absolutely free. There is also a paid version of the program for advanced features.

What can you do in it:

5. Tezza

This app is available for any mobile device. Tezza also provides users with a free version of the program with limited capabilities. But at the same time, the program offers a paid version.

How the app will be useful:

Always be inspired by examples so that you have new ideas. For example, you can use Pinterest for this purpose. Don't spend a lot of time processing one photo. Otherwise, any result will seem boring and ugly to you. Save the processed material in the highest resolution, otherwise the picture will lose quality. Happy editing!